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Limitation of Liability and Warranties

1. Bookmytransports can be joined by any transport company that is registered in India and follows the terms and conditions of the Government of India.
2. For registration, the transport company must have GSTIN, an appropriate person for negotiation, mobile number, email address and office address.
3. The transport company will have to provide the hard copy of the Aadhar card of the person responsible (the owner of the company) and the visiting card of the company. Along with this, copy of GSTIN will also have to be given in the form of hard copy.
4. All the documents given to Bookmytransports are correct, if found wrong then the responsibility will be of the transport company.
5. It is mandatory to have the office of the transport company at the given address from the last 6 months and also it is mandatory to submit the photo copy of the rent advance.
6. Physical verification of the address given by the transport company will be done after every 3 months. If the transport company is not found at the given address then that company will be removed from the bookmytransports.in portal.
7. Bookmytransports only provides customer information that the customer enters and leaves in the booking form on the website.
8. Bookmytransports will not be responsible for any monetary transaction between the customer and the transport company. This will be a mutual issue between the customer and the transport company.
9. Bookmytrasports is a transport directory which gives information about free transport companies to the customer and also provides a platform to register the transport company and create a profile for free.
10. If the customer also avails of any other service which is in addition to the information provided by the transport company on the website, the transport company shall speak to the customer himself to ascertain the price for those services.
11. It will be the responsibility of the transport company to receive the goods, protect the goods and deliver the goods to the customer specified location.
12. The responsibility of preparing the condition paper of the goods, preparing the billty and the bill will also be the responsibility of the transport company.
13. The responsibility of providing service to the customer, transaction of money and other matters related to the customer will be the responsibility of the transport company. bookmytransports has nothing to do with this. This platform only provides customer information.
14. Bookmytransports is not responsible nor can we be bound for any legal action, of any kind, between the customer and the transport company.
15. Bookmytransports shall not take responsibility or liability for the pricing and payment terms of contract entered between customer and transport company, vehicle owner and consignor/consignee, transport contractors and agents using this app as a platform.
16. Bookmytransports shall not take responsibility or liability for any dispute arising between customer and transport company, consignor or consignee or vehicle owner(or Lorry provider) or driver regarding quantity, quality, packing, assembling, etc. of goods conveyed with the help of this Application.
17. Bookmytransports shall be harmless from any and all claims, losses, damages, and liabilities, costs and expenses, including without limitation legal fees and expenses,arising out of or related to use or misuse of the services or of the app, any violation by user of these Terms and Conditions, or any breach of the representations, warranties, and covenants made herein.
18. Bookmytransports shall not liable for any late pickup, late delivery, early arrival, early delivery any waiting charges and also if user procure the freight without pickup service and/or delivery service, they themselves are responsible for delivering the shipment to the designated drop-off and/or pickup point.
19. Bookmytransports shall not be responsible for goods or services or the terms on which services may be procured or availed using this application as a platform. If user chooses to procure or avail such goods or services, user should carefully evaluate them and the terms upon which you are availing them.
20. Bookmytransports shall not be responsible for any natural loss, damage, deterioration of goods involved including on account of pilferage, theft, accident, natural calamity or any other similar cause.
21. Bookmytransports shall not be liable for any conduct of the drivers of the vehicles. Users may notify complaints against driver of any vehicle that you may have hired using this platform.
22. Bookmytransports shall not be liable for performance of service as earlier agreed by user parties.
23. Bookmytransports may ask you for feedback of listed vehicles users from whom the users would have availed services.
24. The user of app acknowledges and agrees that they shall be liable for checking the contents, packing, sealing, addressing, labelling and handling of the goods, carriage, shipping instruction or waybill.
25. In future, bookmytransports will have the right to create and add new rules, remove old rules and so on. Which will apply equally to all transport companies

Refund Policy

If the given customer information is incorrect or the customer was collecting information without action or the customer needed service after a long time, the money charged for that information will be refunded only in transport wallet only or Wallet recharge amount never be refunded to transporter

What a transport company can do on the Bookmytransports platform

1. Transport Company can register itself with the help of mobile number and choose its password. Which is used when login.
2. The transport company can create its profile after login. Which will be visible to the customer and this will give the customer more information about you. So that he can choose you with confidence.
3. In the Booking section, the transport company can see all its bookings where the complete information of the customer is there.
4. Here the transport company can set its GST rate.
5. The transport company can also determine whether the door to door service is provided or not. Along with this, the rate of door to door service can also be added to the quote.
6. Apart from this, whether the insurance service is provided or not, it can also be determined by the transport company.
7. Along with this, the transport company can also do the pricing of all routes for its service. In which they get a chance to choose From city, To city, Consignment, Package type, Rate and Delivery days according to their own.
8. In the working route, the transport company can check the rates and delivery days of all the routes by it.
9. If the transport company wants to add a city, then it can connect by talking to the customer representative.
10. Transport Company can change the rate and GST rate.
11. Transport Company can talk to the customer representative from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and get their problem resolved. Apart from this, you can also email us.